Amped Wireless offers a wide variety of good and reliable networking hardware to the users. They provide routers, Wi-Fi cameras, extenders and a lot more. Their routers provide a very wide coverage and a great user experience. But there are some issues with every router. Not every router can provide excellent coverage that can cover all the spots in the area. There are a few dead spots in every corner of the house or office where you just can’t get any Wi-Fi signal. And that can be a huge problem if that dead spot turns out to be your favorite spot. The user doesn’t want to pay for a good coverage only to have to go around roaming in the house to get a decent Wi-Fi signal. There are a few reasons for this issue. The Wi-Fi signal might be having a hard time travelling through the thick concrete walls or different floors.

This is where the Amped Wireless Range Extender comes in. The Range Extender or Range Booster boosts or enhances the Wi-Fi signal from the router so that the range is extended and so that the user can experience excellent Wi-Fi signals all over the desired area. This way, the dead spots are eliminated and the Wi-Fi signal can travel through the concrete walls and different floors.

The Extender ( amped wireless setup) can be setup in between the router and the desired area where the user wishes for the Wi-Fi signal. The Range Extender basically repeats the Wi-Fi signal from the main router and forwards it further so that the Wi-Fi coverage can be expanded. The Extender can be placed anywhere from the corner of the houses to the backyards or the porch.  And the setup is very easy too. The user just needs to setup the extender and login to it to configure the network themselves.

It’s a hassle installing numerous routers at a particular place just so that the user can have decent Wi-Fi coverage all around the house. And some of the routers that offer relatively better coverage than the average routers are just too pricey. And the problems of weak Wi-Fi signals and dead spots still linger. The Amped Wireless Range Extenders (amped wireless setup) provide the ultimate solution to the problem. The Amped Wireless Extender specializes in simultaneous use of both the bandwidths i.e. the 2.4 GHZ and the 5 GHz bandwidth so that the user can enjoy high speed data and an uninterrupted service.